TRA-228: Bhutan, across the Sahara and UK holiday parks

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Geoff Harrison chats with Bhutan tourism executive Rinzin Jamzou about the mysterious country steadily growing in visitor numbers which he represents.

Arthur von Wiesenberger from Around the World Radio features guest author Dennis Freeheley who has written about crossing the vast Sahara Desert.

David Gordon from Travelbites Radio discovers the delights and many choices in holiday/caravan parks in southern England and Wales.


TRA-227: Czech Republic, Bavarian State Opera House, Bushmills Distillery and travel with The Beatles

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There's a mixed bag of segments on this week's show:

Geoff Harrison chats with Peter Makesha who organises tours to the Czech Republic;

Frances Beasley describes the magnificent Bavarian State Opera House in Munich;

David Gordon, host of Travelbites Radio in Northern Ireland likes a drop of Irish Whiskey and visits the source, the renowned Bushmills Distillery in County Antrim;

The team at Around the World Travel Radio in California chat with former Fleet Street journalist Ivor Davis who has written a book about his experiences travelling to the US with The Beatles, in the 1960s.


TRA-226: Masterchef Travel, Junior Driving School, Slovenia and Geneva

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Geoff Harrison finds out about Masterchef Travel from Marcia Datt.

Ren Zwiers has details of Junior Driving School, a new ride at Warner Bros Movieworld on the Gold Coast.
Arthur von Wiesenberger chats with Marla Norman-Freyburg about her visit to Slovenia. Segment courtesy of Around the World Travel Radio.
David Gordon discovers the attractions of Geneva, Switzerland. Segment courtesy of Travelbites Radio.


TRA-225: Fishing Getaways Australia, REX Airlines, British Columbia and chef James Sommerin

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In order of appearance on this week's show:

Geoff Harrison chats with Jay Austin from Fishing Getaways Australia which organises tours throughout the Pacific region.

Ren Zwiers has news of regional service provider REX Airlines outperforming the major airlines in Australia in its end of year balance sheet.

From our sister show in California, Around the World, Arthur von Wiesenberger and Martha Bull chat with Mike Thiel about a hideaway in British Columbia, Canada.

David Gordon from Travelbites Radio interviews Michelin-starred chef James Sommerin who runs a restaurant in the Penarth region of Wales.


TRA-224: Parks Victortia, Lyme Regis and adventures on the high seas

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Geoff Harrison interviews Jarryd Parsons of Parks Victoria which administers the many national parks in that southern Australian state. Frances Beasley takes a trip to the English seaside at Lyme Regis. The crew at our sister show Around the World Radio, headed by Arthur von Wiesenberger, chats with Christine Buckruian who has written a book about her adventures sailing the high seas.


TRA-223: Pleasure cruising, Las Vegas and Ironbridge Gorge Museums

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In this episode Geoff Harrison chats with Gary Freeman from Pleasure Cruising Australia; Arthur von Wiesenberger and Martha Bull from Around the World Radio discuss what to do in Las Vegas with Barbara Venezia; David Gordon from Travelbites Radio visits the Ironbridge Gorge Museums in Shropshire, England.


TRA-222: Chile wines, Whitsunday Cruises, Normandy, Rhine River cruising and India tourism.

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In this episode we travel to many varied destinations:

Geoff Harrison chats with Benjamin Quavas about Chilean wines.

Host Ren Zwiers has details of the impending move by Whitsunday Cruises to its new Port Airlie terminal.

David Gordon from Travelbites Radio takes an audio tour in Normandy, France

Arthur von Wiesenberger and Martha Bull from Around The World Travel Radio chat with Marybeth Bond about cruising on the Rhine River.

Geoff Harrison wraps up the show by interviewing Vivpava from India Tourism's Sydney office.

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