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TRA-241: Driving Events, Key West, Broke Backpacker, Airwork Helicopters and vale John Crook

This month Geoff Harrison chats with Paul Stokell from Brisbane-based Driving Events. Ren Zwiers presents Oz Travel News. David Gordon (Travelbites radio host) presents part 2 of his recent trip to Key West, Florida. The Around the World Radio team led by Arthur von Wiesenberger interviews 'The Broke Backpacker' Will Hatton about his upcoming adventures. Geoff Harrison chats with Reece Chapman from Airworks Helicopters, based in Caboolture, Queensland. Graeme Kemlo from Travel Writers Radio visits the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria.
Also featured in this month's edition is a dedication to one of the show's longest-running contributors, John Crook (pictured) who passed away in Geelong, Victoria last month after prolonged health problems. Rest in peace, Johnno....we will never forget you and your massive contribution to this and other shows.

TRA-240: Oman, Travel with kids, Key West foodie guide, Loire Valley (France) and Driveaway Holidays


Geoff Harrison chats with Mona Tannis from Tourism Oman. Kirstie Bedford has some useful tips on travelling with children (courtesy Travelwriters Radio). Ren Zwiers presents Oz Travel News for this month. David Gordon from Travelbites Radio discovers the foods of Key West (Florida). The ATW team, Arthur von Wiesenberger and Martha Bull interview travel editor Max Hartshorne from on his recent trip to the Loire Valley, France (courtesy Geoff Harrison chats with Nathan Baber of Australian-based operator Driveaway Holidays.

TRA 239: Tucan Travel, Tasmania, Icelandic food, San Francisco and Escape Travel


Geoff Harison interviews Mick Farlan from Tucan Travel.

Graeme Kenlo from Travelwriters Radio (courtesy of international Food Wine and Travelwriters Assn) chats with Tasmana Tourism's CEO, John Fitzgerald.

Ren Zwiers presents this month's Oz Travel News.

David Gordon from Travelbites Radio discovers Icelandic food in Reikjavic.

The ATW team in California chat with guest Laurie Armstrong about San Francisco travel.

Geoff Harrison interviews Mitch Spencer of Escape Travel.


TRA-238: Skimax Holidays; Iceland; Latitude Group Travel; Jazz Palace, Chicago; Rail Plus


00:54   Geoff Harrison chats with Kirstey Newsome from Skimax Holidays.

03:02   Frances Beasley describes the bathing habits of Europeans.

07:23   David Gordon visits Reikjavic, Iceland (Courtesy Travelbites Radio).

21:24   Ren Zwiers presents this month's Oz travel news.

26:38   Peter Watson chats with Dennis Murphy from Latitude Group Travel (Courtesy Travelwriters Radio).

35:33   Arthur von Wiesenberger and team interview author Mary Morris about the Jazz Palace, Chicago (Courtesy Around the World Radio).

40:24   Geoff Harrison discovers European rail travel thanks to his guest, Larry Burrows from Rail Plus.

Geneva, the Broke backpacker, Rocky Mountaineer train and Flight Centre


01:03   Geoff Harrison chats with Dan Heathwood from Flight Centre's business travel department.

03:42   David Gordon from Travelbites Radio visits Geneva, Switzerland (Part 1).

08:40   Graeme Kenlo from Travelwriters Radio chats with Adelaide journalist Di Mattson.

17:40   Ren Zwiers presents this month's Oz Travel News.

21:31   The Around the World Radio team interview 'the Broke Backpacker', Will Hatton.

29:05   David Gordon presents part 2 of his Geneva, Switzerland report.

38:02   Geoff Harrison interviews Julie Rogers from the Rocky Mountaineer rail service in Canada.

TRA-236: Korean Air, Turnberry Resort, voluntourism, Travel Adventures, car rentals and Route 66 Tours



01:07 - Geoff Harrison interviews Cameron Brown of Korean Air.

06:56 - David Gordon of Travelbites Radio visits Turnberry Resort, Scotland.

10:39 - Ren Zwiers presents Oz Travel News.

14:45 - Peter Watson from Travel Writers Radio chats with recent voluntourism participant Jes Johnson

(Copyright International Food, Wine & Travelwriters Association).

22:54 - The Around the World Radio team in California interviews Travel Adventures author Dennis Feeheley.

32:41 - David Gordon gets some useful tips on car rentals from Paul Manning of Herts, Northern Ireland.

39:00 - Geoff Harrison chats with Dale Butell of Route 66 Tours.


TRA-235: Vanuatu, Heathrow Exporess, Washington DC, Ecuador, Contiki Tours


Running order for the April 2015 edition:

00:38  Geoff Harrison chats with Bart Druitt from Vanuatu Tourism

03:26  Frances Beasley reviews the Heathrow Express rail service.

08:58  Ren Zwiers presents Australasian Travel News.

13:08  David Gordon interviews Elliot Ferguson from Destination DC (courtesy Travelbites Radio).

24.44  Graeme Kenlo chats with Myuku Kamimura from Ecuador (courtesy International Food Wine and Travelwriters Association).

34:07  The team in California chats with US-based travel protection expert Brian Richards (courtesy Around The World Radio).

42:51  Geoff Harrison interviews Brooke Gabriel from Contiki Tours.