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TRA-236: Korean Air, Turnberry Resort, voluntourism, Travel Adventures, car rentals and Route 66 Tours


01:07 - Geoff Harrison interviews Cameron Brown of Korean Air.

06:56 - David Gordon of Travelbites Radio visits Turnberry Resort, Scotland.

10:39 - Ren Zwiers presents Oz Travel News.

14:45 - Peter Watson from Travel Writers Radio chats with recent voluntourism participant Jes Johnson

(Copyright International Food, Wine & Travelwriters Association).

22:54 - The Around the World Radio team in California interviews Travel Adventures author Dennis Feeheley.

32:41 - David Gordon gets some useful tips on car rentals from Paul Manning of Herts, Northern Ireland.

39:00 - Geoff Harrison chats with Dale Butell of Route 66 Tours.


TRA-235: Vanuatu, Heathrow Exporess, Washington DC, Ecuador, Contiki Tours


Running order for the April 2015 edition:

00:38  Geoff Harrison chats with Bart Druitt from Vanuatu Tourism

03:26  Frances Beasley reviews the Heathrow Express rail service.

08:58  Ren Zwiers presents Australasian Travel News.

13:08  David Gordon interviews Elliot Ferguson from Destination DC (courtesy Travelbites Radio).

24.44  Graeme Kenlo chats with Myuku Kamimura from Ecuador (courtesy International Food Wine and Travelwriters Association).

34:07  The team in California chats with US-based travel protection expert Brian Richards (courtesy Around The World Radio).

42:51  Geoff Harrison interviews Brooke Gabriel from Contiki Tours.

TRA-234: Finnair, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy and Globus Tours


Here's the line-up for the March 2015 edition:

00:48 - Geoff Harrison chats with Geoff Stone from Finnair's Australian office.

06:55 - Ren Zwiers presents this month's Oz Travel News.

12:05 - Frances Beasley discovers the attractions of Croatia.

18:40 - David Gordon travels to the Czech Republic (courtesy Travelbites Radio, Northern Ireland).

25:00 - Arthur von Wiesenberger and team chat with US author Susan van Allan who has 50 ideas for things to do in Italy. (courtesy Around the World Radio, California).

34:20 - Geoff Harrison interviews Shelly Martin from the Globus Tours group.

TRA-233: Scandinavia; Kansas: Oklahoma; BMW Museum, Munich; Paris for foodies; Geneva, Switzerland


00:48 - Geoff Harrison chats to Titse Stelmar about Scandinavia.

04:48 - David Gordon (Travelbites Radio) discovers two US destinations - Kansas and Oklahoma.

17:34 - Ren Zwiers presents this month's Oz Travel News segment.

21:36 - Frances Beasley visits the BMW Museum in Munich, Germany.

27:11 - Ann Mah talks about food and eating in Paris, France with the team from Around the World Radio in California.

36:45 - David Gordon chats with Geneva tourism officer Pascall about this popular city in Switzerland.

TRA-232: France. New York. Where’s the snow? Iran. Horseracing legend SubZero.


Host Ren Zwiers introduces the following segments in this show:


01:33 - David Gordon chats to author Roisin O'Donnel about her book on France. (segment courtesy Travelbites Radio).


14:28 - The team from Around the World Radio discuss the city of New York with guest reporter Bonny Tandy LeBlang.


20:13 - Ren Zwiers presents this month's Australasian travel news.


25:18 - Frances Beasley reports on the festive season weather in her home base of Munich, Germany...lamenting the fact that there was no snow for Christmas Day.


22:52 - Richard Torin tells theAround the World team about his recent experiences in the mysterious middle eastern country of Iran.


43:08 - Geoff Harrison, on Queensland's Gold Coast, meets Alan Broderib, the owner of Subzero, one of Australia's greatest ever racehorses. They relive some of the horse's classic moments in this segment.

TRA 231: Jamaica, Florida Everglades, Rauschberg (Germany), Iditarod Tours and Australia















Visit the gruelling 1000 mile Iditarod Sled Dog Race through the Alaskan wilderness with Iditarod Tours


01:33   Geoff Harrison chats with Thea Pallae about visiting Jamaica.

05:15   Arthur von Wiesenberger (Around the World Radio) features author Mac Stone who has written about the Florida Everglades.

14:17   Geoff Harrison and Ren Zwiers present this month's Oz Travel News segment.

20:16   Frances Beasley takes a mountain-top break on Rauschberg (Germany).

25:38   Ren Zwiers interviews special guest Richard Montagna who runs tours to the world-renowned Iditarod Sled Dog Race in Alaska.

37:35   David Gordon (Travelbites Radio) chats with world-traveller John Ahern in Australia.

This the final show for 2014. The next edition will be posted on Monday, January 5, 2015. We extend season's greetings to all our listeners and supporters.

Happy trails everyone!




TRA-230: Auto Europe, Gorgeous Cottages; Bavaria; healthy eating on the go; Scotland; skiing in Canada; Gouatamala and BMW World


In the first of our monthly hour-long episodes we feature regular contributors Geoff Harrison, Frances Beasley, Arthur von Wiesenberger and David Gordon presenting segments on the following topics: Auto Europe car rentals; Gorgeous Cottages in the UK and Northern Ireland; Tasselmaking; Australasian Travel News; Healthy eating on the go; Visit Scotland; Whistler Blackcombe Ski Resorts, Canada; Guatamala and BMW World, Germany.


01:09   Geoff Harrison - Self Drive Europe car hire

03:45   David Gordon (Travelbites Radio) - Gorgeous Cottages of the UK and Northern Ireland.

09:32   Frances Beasley - Tasselmaking in Germany.

14:36   Ren Zwiers and Geoff Harrison - Oz Travel News.

20:24   Arthur von Wiesenberger with Mike Fenster (Around the World Radio) - Healthy eating on the go.

30:44   David Gordon (Travelbites Radio) and Dan Gordon - Visit Scotland.

41:05   Geoff Harrison - Whistler Blackcombe Ski Resorts, Canada.

45:23   Arthur von Wiesenberger and Morgan Rogers - Guatamala.

49:34   Frances Beasley - BMW World, Germany.