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TRA-238: Skimax Holidays; Iceland; Latitude Group Travel; Jazz Palace, Chicago; Rail Plus


00:54   Geoff Harrison chats with Kirstey Newsome from Skimax Holidays.

03:02   Frances Beasley describes the bathing habits of Europeans.

07:23   David Gordon visits Reikjavic, Iceland (Courtesy Travelbites Radio).

21:24   Ren Zwiers presents this month's Oz travel news.

26:38   Peter Watson chats with Dennis Murphy from Latitude Group Travel (Courtesy Travelwriters Radio).

35:33   Arthur von Wiesenberger and team interview author Mary Morris about the Jazz Palace, Chicago (Courtesy Around the World Radio).

40:24   Geoff Harrison discovers European rail travel thanks to his guest, Larry Burrows from Rail Plus.

Geneva, the Broke backpacker, Rocky Mountaineer train and Flight Centre


01:03   Geoff Harrison chats with Dan Heathwood from Flight Centre's business travel department.

03:42   David Gordon from Travelbites Radio visits Geneva, Switzerland (Part 1).

08:40   Graeme Kenlo from Travelwriters Radio chats with Adelaide journalist Di Mattson.

17:40   Ren Zwiers presents this month's Oz Travel News.

21:31   The Around the World Radio team interview 'the Broke Backpacker', Will Hatton.

29:05   David Gordon presents part 2 of his Geneva, Switzerland report.

38:02   Geoff Harrison interviews Julie Rogers from the Rocky Mountaineer rail service in Canada.

TRA-236: Korean Air, Turnberry Resort, voluntourism, Travel Adventures, car rentals and Route 66 Tours



01:07 - Geoff Harrison interviews Cameron Brown of Korean Air.

06:56 - David Gordon of Travelbites Radio visits Turnberry Resort, Scotland.

10:39 - Ren Zwiers presents Oz Travel News.

14:45 - Peter Watson from Travel Writers Radio chats with recent voluntourism participant Jes Johnson

(Copyright International Food, Wine & Travelwriters Association).

22:54 - The Around the World Radio team in California interviews Travel Adventures author Dennis Feeheley.

32:41 - David Gordon gets some useful tips on car rentals from Paul Manning of Herts, Northern Ireland.

39:00 - Geoff Harrison chats with Dale Butell of Route 66 Tours.


TRA-235: Vanuatu, Heathrow Exporess, Washington DC, Ecuador, Contiki Tours


Running order for the April 2015 edition:

00:38  Geoff Harrison chats with Bart Druitt from Vanuatu Tourism

03:26  Frances Beasley reviews the Heathrow Express rail service.

08:58  Ren Zwiers presents Australasian Travel News.

13:08  David Gordon interviews Elliot Ferguson from Destination DC (courtesy Travelbites Radio).

24.44  Graeme Kenlo chats with Myuku Kamimura from Ecuador (courtesy International Food Wine and Travelwriters Association).

34:07  The team in California chats with US-based travel protection expert Brian Richards (courtesy Around The World Radio).

42:51  Geoff Harrison interviews Brooke Gabriel from Contiki Tours.

TRA-234: Finnair, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy and Globus Tours


Here's the line-up for the March 2015 edition:

00:48 - Geoff Harrison chats with Geoff Stone from Finnair's Australian office.

06:55 - Ren Zwiers presents this month's Oz Travel News.

12:05 - Frances Beasley discovers the attractions of Croatia.

18:40 - David Gordon travels to the Czech Republic (courtesy Travelbites Radio, Northern Ireland).

25:00 - Arthur von Wiesenberger and team chat with US author Susan van Allan who has 50 ideas for things to do in Italy. (courtesy Around the World Radio, California).

34:20 - Geoff Harrison interviews Shelly Martin from the Globus Tours group.

TRA-233: Scandinavia; Kansas: Oklahoma; BMW Museum, Munich; Paris for foodies; Geneva, Switzerland


00:48 - Geoff Harrison chats to Titse Stelmar about Scandinavia.

04:48 - David Gordon (Travelbites Radio) discovers two US destinations - Kansas and Oklahoma.

17:34 - Ren Zwiers presents this month's Oz Travel News segment.

21:36 - Frances Beasley visits the BMW Museum in Munich, Germany.

27:11 - Ann Mah talks about food and eating in Paris, France with the team from Around the World Radio in California.

36:45 - David Gordon chats with Geneva tourism officer Pascall about this popular city in Switzerland.

TRA-232: France. New York. Where’s the snow? Iran. Horseracing legend SubZero.


Host Ren Zwiers introduces the following segments in this show:


01:33 - David Gordon chats to author Roisin O'Donnel about her book on France. (segment courtesy Travelbites Radio).


14:28 - The team from Around the World Radio discuss the city of New York with guest reporter Bonny Tandy LeBlang.


20:13 - Ren Zwiers presents this month's Australasian travel news.


25:18 - Frances Beasley reports on the festive season weather in her home base of Munich, Germany...lamenting the fact that there was no snow for Christmas Day.


22:52 - Richard Torin tells theAround the World team about his recent experiences in the mysterious middle eastern country of Iran.


43:08 - Geoff Harrison, on Queensland's Gold Coast, meets Alan Broderib, the owner of Subzero, one of Australia's greatest ever racehorses. They relive some of the horse's classic moments in this segment.