TRA-219: China Southern Airways, Whitsunday Reef Festival, Isle of Man and Romania

Due to some hefty technical problems in our studio this week, this show is a little shorter than normally, as well as published half-a-day late. However, there are still some great segments to be heard:

Geoff Harrison discovers one of the Orient's leading transporters, China Southern Airways. He chats with the airline's Nikki Woodward.

Ren Zwiers lists all the 'must see and do' items featuring at next week's Whitsunday Reef Festival which is now in its 14th year and still growing!

David Gordon from Travelbites Radio visits the Isle of Man.

Geoff Harrison returns to interview Romanian tourism officer Razvan Marc.

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TRA-218: Backcountry Tours, Aberdeen, Camembert and finding tigers in the wild

In this episode Ren Zwiers introduces the following segments:

Geoff Harrison visits Falls Creek to chat with wellknown Australian skiier Steven Lee from Backcountry Tours.

David Gordon, host of Travelbites Radio, catches up with Aberdeen tourism boss Steven Harris at the Visit Scotland Expo.

Frances Beasley highlights one of France's favourite cheeses, the humble Camembert.

The team from Around the World Travel Radio interview Mary Morris who is completing a book about finding tigers in the wild.

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TRA 217: Great trains of Europe, crossing borders, NSW tops visitors, Ask the Pilot

Geoff Harrison chats with Toowoomba-based tour operator Stan Clan from Great Trains of Europe.

Frances Beasley discovers that crossing borders in Europe can be more challenging than first thought.

Host Ren Zwiers, who lives on Queensland's Gold Coast begrudgingly admits that New South Wales again leads the visitors numbers race in the latest survey.

US-based airline pilot Patrick Smith of AskThePilot.com tells all about what happens in the cockpit. Segment courtesy of Around the World Travel Radio

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TRA 216: Alpaca farming, Cruising from the UK and Caribbean wildlife

Host Ren Zwiers introduces the following segments:

Geoff Harrison meets Ian Frith from Illawarra Prime Alpaca which breeds these gentle animals for the human consumption market.

David Gordon (Travelbites Radio) chats with P&O Cruises' marketing manager in the UK, Chris Edgington.

Arthur von Wiesenberger and Martha Bull (Around the World Travel Radio) learn about the Caribbean's animal wildlife from author Herbert Raffaele.

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TRA 215: Tonga, Seaworld’s polar bears, Washington DC and family friendly holiday ideas

Geoff Harrison learns about Tonga from tourism officer Owen Pauu.

Ren Zwiers has an update on Polar Bear Shores and its youngest inhabitant, 12-moth-old Henry at the Gold Coast's SeaWorld Theme Park.

David Gordon (Travelbites Radio) chats with Washington DC tourism expert Elliot Ferguson.

Arthur von Wiesenberger and Martha Bull (Around the World Travel Radio) chat with Kim Hardy who provides ideas on how to make holidays family friendly.

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TRA 214: Sovereign Hill, Stuttgart, Trafalgar Australia, Cambodia and Burma

Geoff Harrison chats with Daryl Ware, the confectionery services manager at Sovereign Hill living historical museum park in Ballarat, Victoria.

Frances Beasley travels by train from Munich to Stuttgart, Germany.

Ren Zwiers interviews Matthew Cameron-Smith, the managing director of Trafalgar Australia about a new range of Christmas tours visiting Europe and the United States as well as a range of tours to historic battlefield memorial sites around the world.

Arthur von Wiesenberger and Martha Bull, hosts of Around the World travel radio chat with Fox News travel/lifestyle editor Grace Cutler about her experiences in Cambodia and Burma, amongst other places.


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TRA 213: Celebrity chef Alistair McLeod, Acacia Africa and Vienna, Austria

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